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Matthew Scheuerman is a matte painter and concept artist with a focus on environments.

After working in the web industry for over 8 years, Matthew decided to make drastic changes in his life and follow his dreams of becoming an artist working in films and video games. Matthew received his start when he provided his matte painting skills on The Hunting of the Snark.


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Matte Painting: Personal Piece. The Lodge

Matte Painting: Personal piece. Desert

Matte Painting for the film The Hunting of the Snark

Matte Painting. Client: Geek and Sundry. Control Room


Concept Art: Client: Savage Mojo. Alleyway

Concept Art: Client: Savage Mojo. Penthouse Suite

Concept Art: Personal piece. Walking Alone

Concept Art: Personal piece. Death's Lobby

Concept Art: Personal piece. Waterfall

Concept Art: Personal piece. Hunting

Concept Art: Personal Piece. Rotting Bridge

Concept Art: Currently unanounced open sourced game

Concept Art: Personal piece. Approaching the Spire

Concept Art: Personal piece. Cemetary

Commisioned painting for the Rune Webcomic


Skill Sets:
Digital hand painting
Basic camera projection
Advanced photo editing
Node based compositing
3d multiplane compositing
Basic understanding of compositing concepts and applications


Adobe Photoshop * (9 years)
Apple Shake
Adobe After Effects (8 years)
Adobe Illustrator (8 years)
Adobe Flash * (8 years)
Eon Vue
Google Sketchup

* Very Proficient


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication 2002 Collins College
Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communication 2001 Collins College



Unthinkable Images
02/10 - 06/10
Worked remotely
Matte Painting Intern
Created concept art and an establishing matte painting for a UCLA MFA thesis film called The Hunting of the Snark directed by Michael McNeff. I also assisted the matte painting team by keying photographs of trees and creating Photoshop brushes.


GoDaddy Software
04/08 - Present
Scottsdale, AZ/Gilbert, AZ
Flash/Production Designer
Worked with a team to create a new social application built in flex/actionscript/.net . I worked in Flash, Blender, and Quicktime to create various flash based video presentations for GoDaddy's various web products. Created Templates, and wrote css for 3 major projects.


Sallie Mae Corporation
04/06 - 04/08
Gilbert, AZ
Web Designer
Design and coded numerous valid and compliant advertising pages, and emails. I was the sole designer on many application re-designs, flash banners, flash applications, and actionscript.


The Sieb Organization
08/05 - 04/06
Phoenix, AZ
Web Designer Worked with the Senior Web Designer to create exceptional real estate websites. Implemented flash driven websites as well as standards/usability driven websites that still utilized flash and other multimedia. Received on-the-job training in the business side of marketing, advertising, and design.



FXPHD PNT203 : Matte Painting for VFX (for verification, visit http://www.fxphd.com/verify code: 5UDVGVARFVAPCRC )


SketchUp for Visual Development with Robh Ruppel (Oct 17th, 2009)


Gnomon Master Classes (Nov 9th - 23rd, 2010)


CG Master Workshops Online
VISUAL DEVELOPMENT FOR FILM by Patrick Faulwetter. 09/11/10
FANTASY ILLUSTRATION by KeKai Kotaki. 09/18/10
ENVIRONMENT DESIGN by James Paick. 09/25/10
DYNAMIC SKETCHING by Peter Han. 09/19/10


Other Interests:
Film Scores










Matthew Scheuerman / Mordecai Design
310-876-2833 (310-87-MATTE)
mordecaidesign (a) gmail.com

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